Intensive IELTS Classes

For 3 Months

Available only in Davao City:

Duration: up to 3 months (although most students only review within 1 or 2
Fee: P5,500 for weekday classes
P6,500 for weekend classes
P8,000 Flexi-time (combination of weekends and /or weekdays
Inclusion: ALL lectures, materials, drills and dry run

Review Structure:
Stage 1: Guided Discussions & Drills
Stage 2: Intensive Lectures
Stage 3: Trending (This is the time to decide whether you take the actual test or not)
Stage 4: Dry Run

Mon to Thu fr 9-12
Sat & Sun 9-3

Review Package is 5,500+ 10,000 (exam fee) = 15,500 but you only pay 15,000 (for WEEKDAYS) or 16,000 (for WEEKEND option) or 17,500 for flexi-time. All UKbound shall take UKVI, exam fee of which costs P14,000.

For 10 Days

Offered in all TSAA branches except in Davao City:

Thanks for expressing your interest to be a part of our ten-day intensive IELTS

review (9-3) plus three months worth of polishing every Sat/Sun from 9-12.

Review fee is P5,500, which includes your book, materials, drills, lectures and dry run.
We also offer Sat/Sun (weekend) sessions from 9am to 12 noon. This is good for 5 months. Fee is still P5,500.

Content of ten-day intensive:
Day 1: Lectures on LRS
Day 2: Lectures on W with one full test
Day 3: Lectures on W with one full test
Day 4: Lectures on W with one full test
Day 5: Lectures on W with one full test
Day 6: Lectures on LRWS
Day 7: Mock Tests 1
Day 8: Final Inputs on LRWS
Day 9: Mock Tests 2
Day 10: Final Briefing + Individual Assessment