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July 10, 2019
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July 11, 2019

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Our NEWEST Online IELTS Program (OIP) /home-study package:

Listening component: Self-Study
-You will receive a manual detailing the techniques you need to know to do well in the test (No Audio. The students will just read the notes)
-You will answer 4 complete test questionnaires. The answer keys and audio files (for the 4 tests) are included so that you can study on your own.
-Practice Test materials provided: IELTS 9 from Cambridge University Press

Reading component: Self-Study
-You will receive a workbook outlining helpful strategies and guidelines in finding the answers with speed and precision
-You will answer 4 complete test questionnaires, and you will also receive the answer keys so that you can study on your own. Kindly email us if you have any questions about the test answers.
-Practice Test materials: IELTS 9 from Cambridge University Press

Writing Component: w/ email correspondence
-You will receive complete sets of intensive lecture notes both for tasks 1 and 2
-You will answer (4) FOUR complete tests, which you will email to us (in pdf format) and we will check and return to you via email

Speaking Component: SKYPE INTERVIEWS
-You will receive a copy of the actual speaking questions
-You will also receive our speaking lecture notes
-You will have THREE (3) 20-minute SKYPE Interviews


The correspondence for writing will be via email.

The review is modular, so it ends as soon as you complete your practice tests. We suggest that you go through the program and finish it no later than two (2) months.

If you find everything agreeable, you may start reviewing with us asap. The TOTAL FEE for all four components is P4,000.

Individual courses:
Listening only is 1,000
Reading only is 1,000
Writing only is 1,500
Speaking only is 2,000
LRW only is P3,000
Writing and Speaking P3,000

The content of our review is applicable to both regular IELTS and UKVI IELTS (for those going to the UK).

To pay:
TSAA’s bank details:
Roberto Balba Jr.
BPI (Savings)

After paying, kindly message us with your payment slip, the module you are taking (Academic or General Training) and your email address, and we shall send the materials to you right away.

Please note that the fee for self-study IELTS is not transferrable to pay for our classroom lectures. As soon as the lecture notes and/or the practice tests have been sent to the student, the fee becomes non-refundable/non-transferable.

Enroll now and receive the materials right away. 🙂


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