Davao: Wanting to review with TSAA but you do not have the time or you are far from us?…

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June 16, 2018
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June 17, 2018

Davao: Wanting to review with TSAA but you do not have the time or you are far from us?…

Wanting to review with TSAA but you do not have the time or you are far from us? Don’t worry anymore… TSAA gets you covered.

Avail of our distance learning class…

Here are the SPECIAL features of our IELTS self-study pack:

Listening component:
-You will receive a workbook detailing all the techniques you need to know to do well in the test
-You will answer 8 complete test questionnaires. The answer keys and audio files are also included so that you can study on your own. Feel free though to ask clarifications if you have any

Reading component:
-You will receive a workbook outlining helpful stategies and step-by-step guidelines to finding the answers with speed and precision
-You will answer 8 complete test questionnaires, and you will also receive the answer keys so that you can study on your own. Kindly email us if you have any questions about the test answers.

Writing Component: w/ email correspondence
-You will receive complete sets of intensive lecture notes both for tasks 1 and 2
-You will answer 6 complete tests, which you will email to us and we will check and return to you via email

Speaking Component: NO INTERVIEWS
-You will receive a copy of the actual speaking questions, which you will practice on your own
-You will also receive our speaking lecture notes


The correspondence for writing will be via email.

The review is modular, so it ends as soon as you complete your practice tests. We suggest that you go through the program within two months.

If you find everything agreeable, you may start reviewing with us asap. The total fee for all four components is P5,000.

Individual courses:

Writing only is 3,000
Speaking only is 1,500 (no interviews)
Listening only is 1,000
Reading only is 1,000
LRW only is P4,500

The content of our review is applicable to both regular IELTS and UKVI IELTS (for those going to the UK).

Steps to avail of our Online IELTS Program:

Step 1: Send payment via bank transfer to:

Account Name: Daniel O. Montecillo
Bank: BPI Express Teller
Branch: Davao-Bajada Philippines
Type: Savings
Account Number: 9839024298

Step 2: Send payment slip here with your email address. As soon as your payment is verified, we shall email you the materials plus the instructions.

To guarantee that only the person paying for the course shall have access to our review materials, we shall only send the digital copies to the same person’s email address.

The fees you send to us are to be used for the online program only. They cannot be converted to pay for the classroom lectures.


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