Davao: Taking the IELTS? Read this… Why is TSAA-IELTS the better alternative? 1. Be…

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June 28, 2019
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June 30, 2019

Davao: Taking the IELTS? Read this… Why is TSAA-IELTS the better alternative? 1. Be…

Taking the IELTS? Read this…

Why is TSAA-IELTS the better alternative?

1. Because our inputs are helpful, effective and easy to understand

2. Because our lecturers master what they teach, are genuinely sincere in helping students and treat them like family

3. Because we ALWAYS give our best in making students ready in no time

4. Because our review program is structured to have a beginning and an ending

5. Because our classroom is conducive for learning

6. Because we are more concerned

7. And because of the hundreds of students who tried the more popular centers and have transferred to us and have discovered that we are, by a mile, the better choice. These are also the very same people who inspire us (and have prodded us) to go against the bigger centers that kill our very own industry by charging unreasonably low fees just to win over contracts.

In other words, we are the better choice because:

1. We do not offer unnecessary lectures just to make the review program seem longer

2. We do not hire teachers that are mean and embarrass students by telling them they will never pass the test (not in this last time!) (OMG! Super mean)

3. Others do not care about students' time plan. They offer one-year unlimited, which is clearly a marketing ploy that favors them, not the students.

4. Being unlimited, the review program of other centers does not have a solid structure, which is detrimental to students' momentum

5. Other centers are so congested students end up sitting on the floor, not being accommodated in their interviews and writing consultations

6. With unlimited reviews, some teachers (we were told) deliberately embarrass students so that they would stop showing up in class (another mean thing!)

Think twice in choosing your IELTS review center.

The most important question to ask is: "If others say they are the best, why is it that their students transfer to TSAA and say that we are way better?"

We win over students not because we charge cheaper rates. We win their confidence and trust because we uphold excellence in the classroom. 😎😎😎 And we don't announce fabricated, exaggerated and imagined accomplishments…. ✌️✌️✌️