Davao: How does our Group Online IELTS Review work? 1. After paying your review fee of…

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June 25, 2020
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June 28, 2020

Davao: How does our Group Online IELTS Review work? 1. After paying your review fee of…

How does our Group Online IELTS Review work?

1. After paying your review fee of 5,000, we shall immediately book your seat for our Zoom meetings from 7pm to 8.30pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

2. We will then email your copy of the review materials for the week. For the upcoming weeks, we will email the materials every Saturday so that you have enough time to have them printed in advance.

3. On the day of your class, we will email you the invitation 10-15 minutes before your class begins. Kindly just accept it, and automatically the link will bring you to our Zoom meeting.

4. Please use a laptop or desktop as our lecturer uses plenty of slides for you to appreciate the inputs. We guarantee that each session feels like you are just having a one-on-one tutorial with our teacher. The approach is very personal, and the lectures are very easy to follow.

5. Kindly be consistent with your class attendance. Although absences are allowed, be informed that you have a maximum of three months to review with us. We count the period from the first session that you take with us. From here, your review period of three months begins.

6. Please note the following schedule of topics:

7.00-7.30 Listening
7.30-8.30 Reading

7.00-7.40 Writing Task 1 (ACAD)
7.40-8.30 Writing Task 2

7.00-7.30 Speaking Inputs
7.30 One-on-one Interviews (scheduled based on the attendance for the day)

7. We will also email you full tests on listening, reading and writing every Friday evening so that you can apply the inputs given for the week. Answer keys shall be provided for the listening and reading test papers. Kindly email your answers to writing and we will assess your work and return it the following week.

8. Within three months, you shall be ready to take the actual IELTS. Kindly coordinate with your teacher so that we can facilitate your exam application with the testing center.

9. All the best to you. TSAA has been known for the excellent IELTS review services it offers. We will give our very best to help you pass the test. Kindly do your part, join our online classes and complete your assignments.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

TSAA family.



-Sat/Sun (7pm to 9pm)
-Good for a maximum of four months
-Next group starts on July 11
-Review fee: P6,000