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May 30, 2018
Davao: Planning to review for the IELTS but available only on weekends? Don’t worry……
May 30, 2018

Davao: Home

TSAA-IELTS Davao’s revised IELTS review schedule:

Our newest offerings:

A. Super Intensive 25 weekdays ++ P7,000
B. Weekends (Sat/Sun) for 3 months P7,000
C. Flexi-time (both a & b) P12,000
D. Ten-weekday intensive P6,000
E. Five-weekday intensive (a) P4,500
F. Five-weekday intensive (b) P4,000
G. Four-day WRITING only P3,500
H. Three-day DRY RUN P2,000
I . Online LRWS P5,000 (No Interviews for S)
J. Online LRW P4,500
K. Online Writing only P2,500
L. One-day refresher P1,000
M. Speaking Notes (techniques with actual questions) (No interviews) P1,000

Inclusive: Lectures, Materials, Drills and/or Dry Run.

Time Frame: 9am to 3pm

Incoming groups (25-day program):

-June 04 to July 06 (July 28 exam)
-July 02 to Aug 03 (Aug 18 exam)
-July 30 to Aug 31 (Sep 29 exam)
-Aug 27 to Oct 05 (Oct 27 exam)
-Oct 01 to Nov 09 (Nov 10 exam)
-Nov 05 to Dec 07 ( Dec 15 exam)
-Dec 03 to Jan 11 (Jan exam)

Registration is ongoing…

Exam fees:

-Standard IELTS (for those other than going to the UK) P10,500
-UKVI IELTS (for those going to the UK) P14,000

A DISCOUNT of P500 is given when students pay both exam and review fees provided it’s not yet within the deadline of exam application.

Package rates:

A. Weekday intensive + Standard IELTS=17,000
B. Weekend intensive + UKVI IELTS=20,500
C. Weekday intensive + UKVI IELTS=20,500
D. Weekend intensive + Standard IELTS=17,000

You also have the option to pay first the review fee and pay the exam fee later (5 weeks before the exam date, but there is no more discount :-))

For a more immediate feedback, please call us at (082) 3006893.

Kindly visit us at:

2/F A & M Tan Building,
Monteverde Street, Davao City
-We’re behind Chimes
-Near DTI Building
-Between Unionbank and Greenbank

Contact Details:
Landline: 3006893

We do not offer evening classes…

Next batch of weekend class: June 02


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