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#8 Bealey Avenue Christchurch, New Zealand

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TSAA-IELTS Christchurch

  • #8 Bealey Avenue Christchurch, New Zealand

TSAA (The Study Aide Avenue) IELTS Review Center Christchurch is managed by two of the country's most experienced IELTS lecturers. Sir Danni and sir Robert are pioneering IELTS reviewers in Christchurch who work full time to help students do well in the test.

TSAA-IELTS Review Center Christchurch Offers the following services: Intensive IELTS Classes Christchurch , Best Online IELTS Review in Christchurch , Christchurch Executive Top IELTS Review, IELTS Writing One-on-One in Christchurch , Christchurch Exam Registration, Remarking For IELTS Christchurch

About TSAA-IELTS Review Center Christchurch

The Study Aide Avenue is a review center that offers intensive IELTS review services to both Filipino and foreign students in Christchurch.

We stand out among the rest of the IELTS review centers in the Christchurch because we consistently produce students who confidently take the test and perfect the essential components monthly.


TSAA-IELTS Review Center Christchurch is indeed the PREMIER stopping point for Best IELTS Review Center in the Christchurch. It has the most number of IELTS passers in the country with the most number of top scorers (students getting at least an OBS of 8.5).

It has already produced at least 5,150 successful examinees, and at least 550 of them ace the test by perfecting at least one of the four essential components of the Top IELTS Review Center Christchurch.

Unlike other review centers, TSAA-IELTS Review Center Christchurch is transparent with its performance by maintaining updated performance reports published monthly through its blog.

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  • Our head lecturers are certified IELTS teachers by Cambridge English Teacher
  • We have been awarded TEN FIRST PRIZE trophies as the Philippines’ best registration agent in Christchurch
  • We have the most number of IELTS passers in the Christchurch
  • We are the leading producer of candidates scoring a band nine in the IELTS Review Center in Christchurch
  • We offer the best live IETLTS Review Center Christchurch lectures