I'll say this again....IF YOU WANT TO PASS YOUR ENGLISH PROFICIENCY TEST or get BETTER SCORES for that matter, GO TO Tsaa Ielts.....do not sacrifice QUALITY for CHEAP OFFERS because this is your future we are talking about! It is not only about PASSING!....it is also about setting STANDARDS! FILIPINOS are DAMN GOOD! given na yan, but Tsaa Ielts can help you become confident and better and better as you journey the road to becoming the BEST! CHASE after the BEST to get your money's worth. QUALITY does not come CHEAP I tell you! I am a living testament of their hardwork and expertise. I want to share (with friends) the beautiful opportunities I have experienced with them. I now write well because of them, I am now more confident because of them.....your SUCCESS is their PRIMORDIAL CONCERN

Maria Socorro De Gracia

Nurse, Writer

I had tried almost all of the free workshops conducted by the biggest IELTS review centers in Manila before I decided to review with TSAA. Reviewers from other centers are not genuinely concerned with the welfare of their students as they are merely paid employees. Meanwhile, apart from their dedication and expertise, teachers at TSAA show the biggest concern to their students as they are the owners of the business and therefore would promote what is best for their students. Be wise like me. Choose TSAA! I don’t believe in unlimited reviews. They just encourage students to dillydally. At TSAA, after 15 days of rigid review, I had taken the test and got higher scores than what I needed to go to the UK. Listening 8.5 Reading 9.0 Writing 7.5 Speaking 7.0 and OBS-8.0

Maria Nelia Villanueva