Frequently Asked Questions

1How long does the program last?
The length of the review largely depends on both the student’s level of English proficiency and class attendance. Nevertheless, a review cycle (stages 1 to 4) normally takes ten days.
2Who is the head reviewer?
Roberto G. Balba Jr. is the most experienced IELTS trainer in the Philippines to date as he has been a full-time IELTS trainer since 2003. He earned his college degree as a scholar and graduated cum laude with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts at the Ateneo de Davao University. He also earned law units from the same university. At the moment, sir Robert is the only Filipino to have been certified by Cambridge English teacher as an IELTS teacher with a rating of 100%.
3How good are the materials?
TSAA offers up-to-date and varied review materials to ensure that students know all the latest about the test and to expose them to the different levels of difficulty they may encounter in the actual exam. TSAA also comes up with its own materials to cater to the local needs of its reviewees. It has also a compilation of highly effective speaking techniques and is found by many reviewees as their key to acing the IELTS speaking test.
4What is the classroom set-up like?
TSAA’s office is designed to expose the reviewees to the actual set-up of the test. Cubicles are installed to simulate the one-to-one speaking interviews and the lecture hall is designed in a way that students become accustomed to the presence of other examinees. It bears mentioning that in the actual test, there are at least 100 students taking the test. Our review then exposes the students to things that they will actually experience during the real test.
5What is the center’s track record?
TSAA is indeed the PREMIER stopping point for IELTS in the Philippines. It has the most number of IELTS passers in the country with the most number of top scorers (students getting at least an OBS of 8.5). ​ It has already produced at least 5,150 successful examinees, and at least 550 of them ace the test by perfecting at least one of the four essential components of the IELTS. Unlike other review centers, TSAA is transparent with its performance by maintaining updated performance reports published monthly through its blog.