TSAA-IELTS is the LEADING IELTS review center in Davao. Having been officially established in 2004, it has produced the most number of IELTS passers and top scorers in the region. It also has received the most number of TOP PRIZE awards and citations. To date, TSAA-IELTS has catered to at least 15,000 IELTS reviewees and is proud to have documented at least 5,500 CONFIRMED IELTS passers and top scorers.

TSAA-IELTS stands out in the country as it does not promote unlimited reviews, a marketing scheme that attracts many students but is proven ineffective and counterproductive. Our advocacy is with the best IELTS trainers, students master the IELTS in no time.

And we have indeed the best IELTS trainers. Our head lecturers, apart from having the most extensive experience in the country (teaching the IELTS full time for at least 15 years), have also the most impressive teaching qualifications as certified IELTS teachers by CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS, the makers of the actual IELTS exam test papers.